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About ArtJamz

Unleash Your Inner Artist!®

ArtJamz® is dedicated to making the world a more creative place. We've become paint and sip's most authentic brand by focusing on creatively enabling the creation of original works of art in a social art studio. Our unique freestyle approach is influenced by the spirit of independence and innovation of the Washington D.C. creative scene, home of The Washington Color School, Chuck Brown and Go-Go music, Duke Ellington, Dave Chappelle, Marvin Gaye, Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, and many more.

ArtJamz was founded by Michael M. Clements as a production of Genki Media® LLC, a company dedicated to incubating creative start-ups in the Washington D.C. metro area. The ah-ah moment came when Clements was up late one night painting, drinking and hanging out with a group of friends. “Wouldn’t this be great if there was a place we could do this?” he thought. The rest, they say, is history.

Michael M Clements

Founder / CEO

After 15yrs in media and entertainment, Michael founded ArtJamz to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and creative passions.

Chelsea Anspach

Programming Director

A fine arts major, who oversees and develops unique and jamming art classes and events.

Irina Karmanova

Creative Enabler

When she is not making the world a better place in International Relations, she is teaching cool art classes at ArtJamz.

Britney Gilbert

Senior Creative Enabler

As Britney finishes her art degree at the GWU Corcoran, she's here to help guide your ArtJamz artistic journey.

Logan Russ

Creative Enabler

When he is not creating cool art from found objects, Logan can help you find your creative groove.

Anchyi Wei

Creative Director

Fashionista, style setter, artist and photographer, Anchyi Wei keeps ArtJamz looking as stylish as her.

Artist of the Month

Logan Russ, Artist

ArtJamz General Manager, Logan Russ is a talented visual and digital artist who works across multiple media, including creating concept art and Illustrations for video games.

Upcoming Shows:

Work For ArtJamz

Want a fun and playful enviroment to work in with like-minded artists? Come work for ArtJamz.