We understand that you may have some questions about ArtJamz. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s of things you should know before you jamz.

General / Really Frequently Asked Stuff

What is ArtJamz?

ArtJamz is a public art studio and lounge where anyone can paint and sip and create a work of art. We are unique in the fast-growing paint-and-sip industry in that we were the first to offer Freestyle painting sessions where people can design an original work of art. We provide studio time, canvas, art materials and guidance. All you do is show up, paint, have a drink, listen to jamming tunes and enjoy yourself. This is not one of those mundane classes where everyone sits down and paints a rainbow by-the-numbers. We want you to create something unique and jamming. Roving art-trained artists, a.k.a. our Creative Enablers, are always on hand to provide tips, guidance and encouragement. Oh, and you can paint on the walls. We like that.

How much does it cost?

ArtJamz experiences start at $15 but can reach up to $50 per person depending on how long you paint, which canvas size you choose and if you enjoy beverages or not. For pricing information visit our MENU.

How does it work?

An ArtJamz experience includes 1.) Studio Pass 2.) Surfaces 3.) Liquid Inspiration 4.) Arty Add-ons. Your Studio Pass includes all art materials, easel and smock rental and the help of art-trained staff. It does not include canvas or drinks. As for canvas, we have multiple options to choose from, or you could bring your own canvas, or just paint the walls!

What is a "Freestyle" session?

We believe everyone can be creative. As such, during our "freestyle sessions," we don’t tell you what to paint – this is isn’t one of those banal and structured wine and paint class things, where everyone sits and paints the same rainbow. However, our art-trained staff of creative enablers are always on hand to provide tips, guidance and encouragement, making your art experience enjoyable and successful. In addition to roving art-trained creative enablers, each studio comes equipped with art samples, art books and stencils to help kick start your creativity ... the wine and beer help too. Looking for more structure? We have guided classes too.  

What's included in a Studio Pass?

Live like an artist without the mess at home! A Studio Pass includes access to nontoxic acrylic paints, paintbrushes and tons of cool “weapons of mass creativity” like multiple-sized paint brushes, paint knives, graffiti markers, pencils, pastels, glitter, drafting tape, construction paper, glue, stencils, collage materials and random crafty knickknacks. You also get a standing easel, a smock, a paint palette and personalized guidance from our art-trained Creative Enablers. And yes … again … you can paint on the walls. Hashtag #fun! Canvas and drinks are sold separately.

Can I leave my finished painting with you?

We do not keep or store canvas at the studio. We have hair-dryers as well as wet canvas carry bags at the studio. Left canvases get painted over and re-sold as recycled art so leaving them is a bad option. Still, if you choose to leave your canvas(es), by doing so, you acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee that it will be there when you come back. You understand that your canvas might get lost or damaged and that it will get painted over within 24 hours and re-sold as discounted “recycled canvas.” We have carry bags available that you can use to carry your canvas out and we have blow-dryers to help with drying.

Do you serve alcohol?

Alcohol selection is dependent on each location and the rules and regulations which govern that City, State or District. Generally, white, red and sparkling wines, beer and non-alcoholic options are available at all of our locations. At others, specialty cocktails are available. Due to ABC rules in Virginia, drinks can only be served and consumed when purchased along with your Studio Pass, which includes art instruction. We do not do B.Y.O.B.

How the heck did this start?

ArtJamz was launched in February 2010 by Michael M. Clements as a production of Genki Media® LLC, a company dedicated to incubating creative enterprises in the Washington D.C. metro area. The ah-ah moment came when Clements was up late one night painting, drinking and hanging out with a group of friends instead of going out. He half jokingly said, “Wouldn’t this be great if we could do this at a bar?” The rest they say, is history …

I want to come with a group of friends?

Great! Groups of 8 or more looking to reserve a section or full room should book by emailing events@artjamz.co or calling 202-709-8096. Our awesome private events coordinator will be in touch to help you plan a fantastically jamming paint soiree and make sure everything turns out great. A refundable deposit of $150 is required for all groups of 8 or more. A deposit is the only way to ensure that groups of 8 or more will get a chance to ArtJamz together. We offer catering and open bar options for groups of 15 or more.

How do I use my daily deal, voucher, or gift card?

To redeem your gift card or voucher, email info@artjamz.co with the date, time and location you wish you attend and we'll make your reservation for you. Present your gift card or voucher in digital or print format when you arrive at the studio. Gift cards are available for purchase in any of our studios. 

What's the youngest age you recommend for ArtJamz?

We’ve found that at age 3 children will start using a brush and be able to focus on creating a painting.

Do you have a menu?

Yes we do. Go here.

How do I book?

Booking your artful experience is super easy,  just select the "Book Now" button in the header of the website, choose your location and then search for the event you prefer. You can also view upcoming guided art classes, pop-ups and special events here

Preparing to Jamz on it

What should I bring?

Please bring an ID (we serve alcohol) and your digital reservation confirmation – you don’t need a printed ticket. Save a tree.

What should I wear?

We have smocks! However, we are painting in a live studio environment, so wear things you don’t mind getting paint on, ergo, leave the Louboutins at home, ladies. We use nontoxic water-based acrylic paints, but still, we don’t want any nice stuff to get paint on it … although, that would be very fashion forward if you did. Paint splats are so in.

Uh-no, I got paint on my clothes...

Quick, rinse it with cold water! But, we use water-based paints, so, paint will eventually come out in the wash.

I didn't finish my painting, can I bring it back to finish?

Yes. Once you purchase an ArtJamz canvas and pay for your first 1.5HRs of studio time, you can come back with your painting and pay by the 30MIN increments. You don’t have to pay for the canvas twice.

How should I prepare for my session?

We recommend coming to the studio with a general idea. You can do this by going to our Pinterest Page, or selecting a photo somewhere online or that you have taken. Of course, it is also okay to come without an idea and let the moment take you where it wants to. Sometimes the best painting happen serendipitously.

What do I do with my wet painting?

Paint is wet. We understand. We have hair dryers as well as wet canvas carry-out bags for purchase.

Guided Classes

Do you have guided classes?

We offer guided classes for those looking for something more guided. Our ArtJamz Academy provides lessons focused on artistic fundamentals and techniques and styles popularized by well-known artists – think “Paint Like Monet” and “Paint Like Pollock,” etc. View upcoming classes here

Where can I find a list of upcoming classes?

View upcoming classes here or go to our booking calendar, choose a local and search for guided classes. 

How much do classes cost?

Class pricing depends on if it is an adult or kids class and which size canvas you choose. See all pricing on our menu. View upcoming classes here

Private Events and Groups

Can I bring my own alcohol or food?

We don’t permit customers to bring outside beverages or food to our locations.

How do I book a private event?

ArtJamz is the gold glitter standard for group paint parties. To book, simply fill out this events submission form. Need more answers? Email events@artjamz.co or call 202-709-8096. 

Is my $150 Private Event Deposit refundable?

Our studio is small and space is limited, which is why we require deposits for groups of 6 or more.All deposits will be refunded once you have finished your session or they can be applied to the final bill at time of check out. In the case you do not meet your minimum number of attendees, you will be charged only for the studio time of participants who do not show up, which will come out of the deposit. Please use this form to submit a private events request.

Can I get my private event catered?

Yes. Catering is available for groups of 6 or more. Our private events director will work with you in order to find the right food compliment to your events. Please use this form to submit a private events request.

Can I host my private event at my home place of business?

Absolutely! We have a car and we are not afraid to use it. Our jamming popup team can activate an ArtJamz session at your home or office. Please use this form to submit a private events request.

Kids and Families

Is there an age limit?

Children and teens aged 2 to 18 are allowed during Kids Classes and Freestyle Sessions before 6PM. All persons aged 2-18 must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone. After 6PM, the studio becomes adults-only, and no one under 18 is permitted. Please be aware that we serve alcohol at all times. We’ve taken the time to ensure music at all times is profanity free and appropriate for all ages.

Is there special pricing for children?

We sometimes offer special kids party packages. Email events@artjamz.co or call 202-709-8096 to learn more.

Popups and Off-Site Events

Do you have pop-ups?

We like to roam around like an arty circus and host ArtJamz at popular museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and outdoor venues. Pop-ups typically cost the same as jamming at our studios and each venue brings an unique and inspirational atmosphere. Canvas, non-toxic acrylic paints, art materials and guidance from our team of art-trained creative enablers are provided. Availability to drinks varies depending on the location. View upcoming pop-ups here

How come your pop-up is priced different than your studio sessions?

We try to make our pop-up events as similar to our studio sessions as possible but each venue we partner with has different rules and restrictions, so, our pop-up offering can vary by location. Sometimes are pop-ups are free since they get sponsored, some have food and live music, and others don’t have drinks. Please read the description of the pop-up to find out what is special about it.View upcoming pop-ups here

Studio Questions

What kind of music do you play?

We like to play music that jams. We mix it up with pop, electronica, jazz, reggae, afro-jazz, indie favorites, and classics. We prefer longers sounds that have a great rhythm over short poppy songs.

What are your hours?

Hours depend on each location but typically we are open in the evenings from 6 to 10 during the week and from noon to midnight on Saturday and noon to 8PM on Sunday.

Do you have chairs and stools?

Yes. Although we use standing easels we always have stools and chairs around in case you want to sit and paint. Our easels are adjustable.

Can I paint on the walls?

Of course! That’s part of the ArtJamz experience of being in a real working art studio.

Where do I put my bag when painting?

We provide cubbies in all of our studios for bags. We ask that you remember to keep an eye on your possessions while you paint, including keeping them away from paints. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

I left something at the studio.

Oh no. Give us a call at 202-709-8096 or email info@artjamzdc.com and we can help you locate your lost and found item.

Paints, Canvas and Art Materials

What type of canvas do you offer?

Canvases and KidRobot DIY Street Art Dolls are priced separately and come in a range of sizes (8×10, 12×16, 16×20, 20×24, 24×30) and prices. We use studio-grade stretched cotton canvas.

Can I bring my own canvas?

Yes, you can BYOC (bring your own own canvas) for a nominal fee depending on it’s size. Review our online menu for pricing.

Do you sell art materials?

We sell ArtJamz nontoxic acrylic paints and other art materials at our studios.

What type of merchandise to you have?

We sell ArtJamz smocks, “ArtJamz Original Work of Art” T-shirts, fake famous artist mustaches, wine glasses, extra paint, mugs and stickers. They make great gifts.

What kind of paints do you use?

We use Demcryl Acrylic nontoxic water-based paints at our studios. Oil-based paints or aerosols are not allowed. These paints are an excellent medium for beginners and students. Demcryl colors are based on permanent pigments. These nontoxic colors dry rapidly to yield a waterproof, flexible, non-yellowing film. All colors are “AP APPROVED”. Demcryl acrylics are thick, not “runny” which is ideal for ArtJamz.

Is there a limit to how long you can paint?

No. After you pay for your first 1.5Hours Studio Pass, you can purchase additional 30MIN increments of studio time until you choose to finish.

Can I bring my own art materials?

We do allow you to bring your own art materials with a couple caveats. We don’t allow oil paints, aerosol paints or permanent paints in the studio.

What is a "used canvas"?

We sell used canvas at the studio. These are paintings that customers have left behind. Orphaned paintings… We paint over them and resell them at a discount.

What types of art supplies do you provide?

We have lots of options for our “Weapons of Mass Creativity” including nontoxic water based acrylics paints, paint brushes of varying sizes, paint sponges, paint knives, paint palettes, old magazines for collaging, scissors, pastels, sponge rollers, stencils, markers, sharpies, pencils, erasers, pens, rulers and GLITTER!

Are we limited in how much paint we can use?

You are not limited in your paint usage however we will ask you to stop if you are using the paint in a wasteful and inappropriate manner.

Do we have to clean our own brushes?

You do not have to wash your own materials, our staff will help with that, but, if you have a few seconds we ask that you rinse your materials and put them away when you are finished.

Do you have easels?

We use metal adjustable standing easels.

Do you provide smocks?

Yes. Rock the smock!

Hours, Directions and Contacts

What is your contact information?

Go to our contact page for full contact details.

How do I get there?

Refer to our location pages in order to get transportation options for specific studios. If you are looking for information on a pop-up event, please refer to the ticketing site for transportation and travel information.

Are you open on holidays?

We are closed on New Years Day, MLK Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will be open half day for Easter Sunday (April 1 from 12:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.).

Is there parking?

Typically yes but it depends on the location, please refer to our Locations page to find location-specific transportation and parking information.

Reservations, Ticketing and Refunds

How do I reserve?

Online reservations are highly recommended. Use our event calendar to reserve.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, but just like at restaurants, walk-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Access is not guaranteed and is dependent upon space and availability.

What if I'm late?

Reservations will be released if you come later than 15min after your allotted start time.

I bought a ticket and didn't show up, can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable unless you send an email to info@artjamzdc.com at least 48 hours prior to your event.

Can I transfer my ticket to my friend?

Sure, but the reservation will still be under your name, so they will need to use your name to check-in.

Where can I book an upcoming event?

Booking your artful experience is super easy,  just select the "Book Now" button in the header of the website, choose your location and then search for the event you prefer. You can also view upcoming guided art classes, pop-ups and special events here

If I pre-pay online, can I apply that payment to anything at the studio?

Yes! If you change your mind, your online pre-pay can be applied to anything at the studio, including our jamming merchandise and t-shirts.

I'm having a problem making an online reservation?

Sorry to hear that, call 202-709-8096 or email info@artjamdc.com and one of our helpful team members will help.

The Bar, Drinks and Food Things

Do you have non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, we serve non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, tea, coffee, water and energy drinks. Brands and options will differ depending on location.

I Really Need Help Deciding What to Paint

I need inspiration

We have lots of art books you can access at our studios or you can go to our PINTEREST PAGE for ideas … or just ask our awesome Creative Enablers, who are always there to help guide you … the drinks help too…

What should I paint?

Paint whatever you want – you are not restricted or herded together to paint an identical pre-conceived picture during the same set time frame. Your ArtJamz “Original Work of Art” is yours to take home and we’re here to make sure you love what you create. Need inspiration? No problem! Our ArtJamz music mix, great selection of drinks, art books, graffitied walls, Pinterest page and friendly art-trained Creative Enablers will keep the creative ideas flowing – all you do is paint, drink and have fun. Seriously. That’s it.

I'm not creative and haven't painted since Kindergarten, so I'm freaking out!

Relax! You ARE creative. Everyone is. No one expects you to paint the Mona Lisa. In fact, did you know that there is a painting underneath the Mona Lisa? Meaning even Leonardo da Vinci at one point thought “this stinks, I think I’ll paint over it.” Some people come with ideas, pictures, concepts, etc., some people free style. Up to you. Either way our Creative Enablers are there to help you execute. There are no mistakes, just “evolution.” Think of it more as designing a canvas as opposed to creating a painting.

Will I cut off my ear?

Painting won’t make you crazy like VanGogh but you might become crazy about painting once you realize that art and the creative process are wonderfully powerful and relaxing things that can give you a different perspective and a nice short reprieve from the day-to-day grind. But, that won’t make you cut off your ear, don’t worry.

Reviews, Social and Digital Things

Are you on social media?

Of course! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @artjamz or #artjamz to get your art work displayed on our online gallery. We also have Facebook and FourSquare pages.

Where can I write or read your online reviews?

Lots of customers have written about ArtJamz on our YELP!, Facebook, Groupon, Square, Google, TripAdvisor and LinkedIN pages. Feel free to add your two cents as well!

Gift Cards, Deals and Vouchers

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! you can purchase gift cards at any of our studios. To redeem your gift card or voucher, email info@artjamz.co with the date, time and location you wish you attend and we'll make your reservation for you. Present your gift card or voucher in digital or print format when you arrive at the studio.

Art Sales

How can I put my painting on your online gallery?

Take a picture of your painting on Instagram and / or Twitter and hashtag it #artjamz and we will review it then accept it into our online social painting gallery.

Do you sell art?

Art is available for purchase at our locations. The majority of which is created from our awesomely talented team of artists.

Work, Partner, License, Franchise

How can I open my own ArtJamz studio?

Please visit our LOCATIONS page for more info.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for art-trained and passionate staff. Email your resume and cover letter to hr@artjamzdc.com

I want to partner with ArtJamz to host a social paint party at my restaurant, bar and / or venue.

That’s great. We’d love to hear about your venue. Please email events@artjamzdc.com to learn more about how you can host an ArtJamz at your location.

How can I invest in ArtJamz?

As a growing company, we are always open to finding the right partnerships including investment. Please email partner@artjamzdc.com for more information.