Arty office party ideas and tips

Office Party Ideas

Spice up your next get together with these arty office party ideas and tips for an artful and interactive event.

Time of Day Matters

Choosing between an afternoon and nighttime event sets the stage for the type of vibe your corporate event will have. People tend to be more restrained during the day, especially if they have to head back to the office. Nighttime ArtJamz sessions feel more social.

Location, Location, Location

You can have an ArtJamz at your office or at our studio. Each has its pros and cons. It’s easier for people to get to a party in the office, but they might feel less like unleashing their inner artists at work — so you may want to throw the “corporate office feel” to the wind by having your event at one of our studios.

Also note: pop-ups offer a smaller selection of paint and art materials. Having an event at the ArtJamz studio means people need to travel, but the DC studio has more materials, and can get messier.

Think About Food and Drinks

It’s fun to create, but it’s even better to eat, drink and create. We’re fans of liquid inspiration, and a glass of wine or two helps the creative spirit. Food should be easy to eat and carry around. Things like pasta and rice don’t work well, but falafel with pitas or pizza slices work great. Typically there is not enough room for everyone to be able to sit down. Find food that people can munch on while standing.

Dress The Part

Make sure to let your team know to dress casually. Painting can get messy. Plus, casual jeans and clothes also lead to a less stuffy environment. We do provide smocks, but they don’t cover shoes and all clothing.

Go Freestyle or Guided?

Choose between a session where people paint whatever they like or a session where there is an instructor guiding everyone to paint the same thing. Both have their place. Freestyle lets people express themselves and allows individual personalities to come across. Guided will enable everyone to take home a hangable painting, but can seem a bit like work.

Deconstruct / Debrief and Explain

Plan for 30 minutes at the end of the session for each person to talk about their work and share thoughts on their process. A lot of office and workplace parallels can be drawn (pun intended) from having people talk about experiencing the creative process.

To Theme or Not to Theme?

Some companies like to have the group paint their interpretation of a specific company concept, project or motto. For example, perhaps the company is focusing this quarter on moving the business “to the cloud.” They ask each person to visualize what this means. Or another company has the motto, “Safety, Accuracy and Innovation” and asks each person to paint their impression of that motto.

Split into Small Groups

Some teams have chosen to split their group into small teams of 3 or 4 and have them work together to paint one canvas on a particular theme. Afterwards, each group talks about their work.

Consider Event Length

Most corporate team building events last for 2 to 3 hours. Generally, having more people, food, and/or structure means you will need more time. Two hours is perfect for a freestyle session with light catering for 15-20 people. Guided classes with heavy catering and a structured debrief would need 3 hours. Typically, adults will paint anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours. This includes time for the canvas to dry.

Plan to Take Canvas With You

The canvases you paint are yours to take home. Plan ahead. Ask the ArtJamz team for a box to put all of the dried canvas in so you can bring it back to the office, or let everyone know that they should be prepared to take their canvas with them. We can also arranging shipping if needed.

Customize It

The ArtJamz Studio is a blank canvas. Decorate it as you wish and make it feel like home. Also, think about music. We can help create an unique mix.

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