Unleash your inner artist and take a guided art class at ArtJamz! Aside from our ongoing freestyle sessions held at our Social Art Studios and Lounges, we also host a number of Guided Art Classes, Pop-ups and Special Events. To book, click the links below and start jamming.


Sometimes you need direction, we understand. Our guided art classes provide guided instruction but we still encourage adding an individual (or team) twist. We typically focus on a specific artist, technique or genre and explore it, offering an example for reference. Choose your location and book now!




Artful holidays and special events like our New Year’s Eve Glitter Ball, MLK “Painting For Peace” Sessions, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras Masks, Mother’s Day, Día de Muertos, Winter Landscapes, and more, are fun and social occasions. For each, we offer a special package.


Put the “Art” in Your Next Team Building Art Party

Getting creative with a group outing is as easy as these six arty team building ideas.

Break the mold at your next group gathering, corporate outing, fundraiser or holiday event.

Everyone on a team can paint and sip! Did we mention that you can paint on the walls here? Let ArtJamz supply everything you need to make your team building art party or corporate outing fun and creative.

Plus, we play jamming music and serve wine, beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic options such as tea, coffee, and soda.

To book your team building art party, fill out our online request form.

Prices range from $40 to $60 per person depending on how long your paint, the size canvas you choose and if you have drinks and catering or not. View our menu for pricing on:

Studio Time + Canvas + Drinks + Add-ons: Catering, Merchandise, Gift Bags, Custom Artwork and Commissions

ArtJamz can accommodate groups sized 8 to 50 people with add-ons like catering, all-inclusive open bar, and customized artwork requests. Find out more on our FAQ page or read here.

The ArtJamz Dupont Studio is conveniently located in one of the nation’s Capital best neighborhoods. We are 5 minute walk from Red Line Dupont Circle North Exit.

Want to do an offsite event? We’re mobile and we can come to you.

Either way, we provide everything you need to creative art in an upbeat, fun and creative atmosphere.


Guided Freestyle Session

In Sum: Everyone gets their own canvas and paints their own unique painting under the helpful guidance of our Creative Enablers.

Works Best: 20 x 24 or 16 x 20 canvas for 2 hours

Why it Jamz: Allowing everyone to paint their own painting lets people show off their individual personalities and viewpoints.

Team Building Art Party Tip: Have everyone talk about their painting at the end of the session. Discuss not only the subject of the painting, but how each person went about painting it. Draw workplace parallels by talking about the creative process.

Themed Session

In Sum: Individuals will create their own unique pieces, but will be encouraged to focus on a theme of your choosing. Use your company motto or a new quarterly goal as inspirational guidelines, or choose a few inspiration images and challenge team members to include them in their pieces. Creative Team Building session allow participants to get creative within a semi-structured (but still low-key and fun) environment. Give everyone their own canvas or divide the group into teams of 2-4 for a unique team-building exercise.

Works Best: A 16 x 20 or 20 x 24 canvas for each person

Team Building Art Party Tip: With everyone working towards a common goal and exploring the company’s objectives in a new way, it will be easy to draw workplace parallels about teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. **Please bring printouts of any images you’d like the group to reference. We are not able to print your images for you.

Guided Class Session

In Sum: Want more structure? We now offer guided classes, lead by our talented team of art-trained professionals and customized to fit your group. Choose a picture for everyone to recreate in a fun and relaxed environment, and leave with hangable works of art! For example, choose a photo of the capitol or cherry blossoms, and our staff will give step-by-step instructions for everyone to follow to paint that image.

Works Best: 20 x2 4 or 16 x 20 canvas for 2 hours

Why it Jamz: Even the least artistic person will leave with a hangable work of art.

Team Building Art Party Tip: Choose an image that relates to your company, core values, or goals. **A selection of 3-4 photos must be sent to ArtJamz at least a 10 days before the event. ArtJamz staff will choose from these photos the one that will work best for a guided paint session and create a custom lesson plan for your group.

“The Big Picture” Group Canvas

Prices on rate card do not apply. Contact events@artjamz.c0 for quote. 

In Sum: Choose a word, short phrase, logo, or simple graphic. Each team will get one canvas with just part of the final image outlined on it. When everyone’s done painting, the canvases can be arranged to make one large piece of art.

Works Best: Groups of 2-4 working on 24 x 30 canvas.

Why it Jamz: This format challenges your group’s communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving skills.

Team Building Art Party Tip: Challenge teams to make sections spanning more than one canvas the same color for a cohesive final product. Teams will have to figure out where their canvas fits within the whole, and work with other teams to decide on the color to be used for the shape or letter shared by their canvases. Or, let teams pick their own colors for a fun, modern art interpretation.

Mural Parties (We Have Neon!)

In Sum: Who said you need canvas to get creative? Have your group do a collaborative painting on the walls of our split-level Dupont Studio! We even do black lit neon paint parties.

Works Best: Groups of 15-20 per floor. 1.5 hours

Why it Jamz: Not everyone wants to take a canvas home with them. Mural parties allow group collaboration… plus, where else can you paint on the walls, listen to great music and have drink?

Team Building Art Party Tip: There are several ways to organize a mural party. One of the most popular Team Building Art Party ideas is to paint a theme on the wall like “What does [Theme] mean to you?” Then everyone paint their interpretation on the wall. Let our team of artists help and guide you. We also offer Neon Mural Parties!

We can also create a custom logo or mural on the wall for your group.

 Shared Canvas Collaborative Projects

In Sum: Choose a word, short phrase, logo, or simple graphic. Each team will get one canvas to work on.

Works Best: Groups of 2-4 working on 24 x 30 canvas.

Why it Jamz: This format challenges your group’s communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving skills.

Team Building Art Party Tip: Challenge teams to make sections spanning more than one canvas the same color for a cohesive final product. Teams will have to figure out where their canvas fits within the whole, and work with other teams to decide on the color to be used for the shape or letter shared by their canvases. Or, let teams pick their own colors for a fun, modern art interpretation.

Team Building Art Party

Team Building Art Party

Team Building Art Party

Does your little artist love kids paint parties? No worries. We’ve got it all covered and the best part is that we clean up the mess.

Children can be fickle, but with ArtJamz kids paint parties we are confident that they will have a great time. Parents across the DC Metro area have discovered that ArtJamz – a fun night out for adults in DC – also doubles as a great day activity for the entire family. So, how do kids paint parties work?

Want to book kids paint parties? Contact events@artjamz.co or fill out our online request form.

All Ages Weekend Freestyle Sessions

Looking for an impromptu, fun and unique activity the whole family can enjoy? Come to ArtJamz  during our weekend all ages sessions from noon to 6PM! You can walk-in; however, online reservations via our event calendar are recommended.

ArtJamz can range from $25.00 to $50.00 per person depending on how long you paint, which canvas size you choose and if you enjoy beverages or not.

For pricing information, visit our menu .

Host a Private Kids Paint Parties

ArtJamz kids paint parties with and pizza and art are unique, fresh and insanely fun idea. How many times have you been to pizza places, pool parties, or bowling events as the go-to pillars of the kid’s birthday party canon? Quite a few too many, we suspect … enter ArtJamz.

How Kids Paint Parties Work

Start with Studio Time: Choose a 1.5HR Studio Pass

Pick Your Canvas: Sizes range from 8 x 10 to 12 x 16 stretched cotton canvas.

Add Pizza: Our pizza comes from a variety of pizza vendors. You can choose to have all cheese pizzas, or half cheese and half pepperoni. Please ask if you would like to see a list of available toppings. Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll take care of the rest! Plates and napkins are included.

What do you get? KidsJamz include studio time, canvas and easel per child plus unlimited acrylic paints, art materials and brushes, markers, pens, guidance and support from our art-trained Creative Enablers and lively age-appropriate music.

Stumped over goody bags? Each kid gets to keep their original artwork.

Worried about getting clothes messy? We provide smocks…Rock the smock! Plus all of our paints are water-based acrylics.

Can I decorate the space and bring a cake? No problem. Bring some decorations to spice up the space and bring cake, candles, cookies and cupcakes; however, it will be your responsibility to set-up and breakdown the decorations.

Can I bring in food? You can bring cakes and cupcakes, but we can’t allow cooked or raw food into the studio as per our business license.

How do you handle RSVPs? This is awesome — you can create a private ticketing site that you can send to all the attendees. You can choose to pay for everyone, or set it up where everyone can buy their own ticket. The site has lots of information about parking, what to expect, what to wear, nearest metro, and a google map, etc.

What kind of music do we play? We use Spotify and can find any type of music you like! Just send us a list of preferred tunes ahead of time, including the birthday boy/girl’s favorites, and we’ll play them. Really. It’s that easy.

What do adults do? Wait for it …. we have a bar and serve wine, beer and champagne. As the party organizer, you can opt to allow your fellow parents to sip drinks and relax in our Artist Lounge while the kids paint under the watchful eye of our creative enablers. You also can opt to not have the bar open.

Can adults paint too? Yes, they can. It’s the same price.

How do I reserve? Fill out our online in the “How it Works” section or email events@artjamz.co.

Is there a minimum and maximum? Yep, there is. You need at least 8 painters to reserve a private group. You must meet this minimum and we ask for a $150 deposit.

What days and times are available for private kids events? Monday to Sunday 10AM to 5PM. You can choose any two-hour period.

More questions about hosting a kids paint parties? Go to our FAQ page.

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Spice up your next get together with these arty office party ideas and tips for an artful and interactive event.

Time of Day Matters

Choosing between an afternoon and nighttime event sets the stage for the type of vibe your corporate event will have. People tend to be more restrained during the day, especially if they have to head back to the office. Nighttime ArtJamz sessions feel more social.

Location, Location, Location

You can have an ArtJamz at your office or at our studio. Each has its pros and cons. It’s easier for people to get to a party in the office, but they might feel less like unleashing their inner artists at work — so you may want to throw the “corporate office feel” to the wind by having your event at one of our studios.

Also note: pop-ups offer a smaller selection of paint and art materials. Having an event at the ArtJamz studio means people need to travel, but the DC studio has more materials, and can get messier.

Think About Food and Drinks

It’s fun to create, but it’s even better to eat, drink and create. We’re fans of liquid inspiration, and a glass of wine or two helps the creative spirit. Food should be easy to eat and carry around. Things like pasta and rice don’t work well, but falafel with pitas or pizza slices work great. Typically there is not enough room for everyone to be able to sit down. Find food that people can munch on while standing.

Dress The Part

Make sure to let your team know to dress casually. Painting can get messy. Plus, casual jeans and clothes also lead to a less stuffy environment. We do provide smocks, but they don’t cover shoes and all clothing.

Go Freestyle or Guided?

Choose between a session where people paint whatever they like or a session where there is an instructor guiding everyone to paint the same thing. Both have their place. Freestyle lets people express themselves and allows individual personalities to come across. Guided will enable everyone to take home a hangable painting, but can seem a bit like work.

Deconstruct / Debrief and Explain

Plan for 30 minutes at the end of the session for each person to talk about their work and share thoughts on their process. A lot of office and workplace parallels can be drawn (pun intended) from having people talk about experiencing the creative process.

To Theme or Not to Theme?

Some companies like to have the group paint their interpretation of a specific company concept, project or motto. For example, perhaps the company is focusing this quarter on moving the business “to the cloud.” They ask each person to visualize what this means. Or another company has the motto, “Safety, Accuracy and Innovation” and asks each person to paint their impression of that motto.

Split into Small Groups

Some teams have chosen to split their group into small teams of 3 or 4 and have them work together to paint one canvas on a particular theme. Afterwards, each group talks about their work.

Consider Event Length

Most corporate team building events last for 2 to 3 hours. Generally, having more people, food, and/or structure means you will need more time. Two hours is perfect for a freestyle session with light catering for 15-20 people. Guided classes with heavy catering and a structured debrief would need 3 hours. Typically, adults will paint anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours. This includes time for the canvas to dry.

Plan to Take Canvas With You

The canvases you paint are yours to take home. Plan ahead. Ask the ArtJamz team for a box to put all of the dried canvas in so you can bring it back to the office, or let everyone know that they should be prepared to take their canvas with them. We can also arranging shipping if needed.

Customize It

The ArtJamz Studio is a blank canvas. Decorate it as you wish and make it feel like home. Also, think about music. We can help create an unique mix.

Ready to Book? 

Email events@artjamz.co or fill out our EVENT REQUEST FORM.

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